The KLEIBERIT product range is very comprehensive and tailored to various fields of application in different industries. A complete adhesive program specifically for automotive applications is included in the product portfolio which is continuously being further developed and adjusted to fulfill new requirements.

Reactive PUR-Hotmelts

Extraordinary green strength for the shortest press times.  100% solids content, solvent-free, glue line is extremely resistant against heat, cold, moisture and chemicals. Permanent flexibility, even at low temperatures.

The properties of reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives are unsurpassed and the fields of application are diverse – from assembly bonding to flat lamination.

1C/2C PUR-Adhesives

Solvent-free, 100% solids content and top adhesive properties on several common substrates. These are the main properties of PUR hotmelt adhesives. These adhesive systems are particularly characterized by their performance in regards to the high requirements concerning climate change conditions, especially high temperature resistance.

Reactive PO-Hotmelts

Bonds with reactive PO hotmelt adhesive combine the properties of PO hotmelts with the additional advantages of a long-lasting glue line, which cannot be re-melted, with maximum temperature, water and chemical resistance.


Good adhesion properties to different plastics coupled with high temperature resistance with an economical price-performance ratio. The adhesion to polyolefins without pre-treatment and the elastic properties of the glue line are especially important features of PO hotmelt adhesives.

Waterbased Adhesives

Water based, solvent-free adhesives are used for a variety of applications in the automotive industry. These adhesives feature good adhesion to different materials and high green strength. The very good application properties (uniform application, precise coat weights) are advantageous for 3D shaped substrates or in areas with Tension.

Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt Adhesives

Permanent tackiness during the production process, an elastic glue line with good moisture resistance as well as good adhesion to nearly all surfaces – these are the main properties of KLEIBERIT pressure sensitive adhesives.