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Lightweight, noise reducing, and, above all, a natural feel are characteristics which make a difference in the car interior experience.  Complex requirements, such as the field of application, the application properties or short cycle times and high green strength, characterize the specific properties of the KLEIBERIT product families.

Fine textile materials, modern film design, and real leather, wood or metal trim are a real challenge for bonding technologies.  For the various bonding processes and the high standards regarding durability, temperature and climate properties, KLEIBERIT offers a complete line of specific adhesive systems, such as dispersion adhesives, 1C/2C PU adhesives, PO hotmelt adhesives, reactive PO hotmelt adhesives and, above all, reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives.  Important characteristics include the possibility for one-sided adhesive application, high green strength at the activation temperature and the warm demolding of bonded elements.

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