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The use of adhesives for textile materials, foam elements, and lightweight components, and combinations of these materials, enable structurally simple solutions.

Nevertheless, the adhesives and the bonded elements must meet the requirements resulting from demanding climate change conditions in the trunk area.

Modern car trunks, especially station wagons with a large storage space, are complex.  Individual elements, such as the trunk floors, rear seat backs, rear decks, rear blinds, etc., have been produced for several years with KLEIBERIT adhesive systems.  Both dispersion adhesives and an increasing amount of reactive PUR systems are in use.  In particular, the low emissions properties of the adhesives must be highlighted.  Lamination includes PVC films to hardboard panels or aluminum; carpet materials to PU honeycomb panels, PP or hardboard panels.

Especially for shaped parts or edgefolding applications, the high green strength of the adhesives systems are advantageous, in addition to the high temperature and climate change resistance. 

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